Thursday, 19 March 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 2015 - Yellow

At the Natural Dye Bazaar in Chennai.
The sources of natural dyes - roots, flowers, minerals and two handmade hot wax applicators.
 Leaves and shadows.
Summer is here.

Up to the challenge? Come join our merry band of colour hunters. We're looking for Green next. To view what others found in the search of yellow click here or here.

January 15 - Red
February 19 - Orange
March 19 - Yellow
April 16 - Green
May 21 - Blue
June 18 - Indigo
July -16 - Violet
August 20 - Brown
September 17 - Gold
October 15 - Grey
November 19 - Pink
December 17 - Blogger's choice.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Pocketful of Stars

I'm attempting to fold Senbazuru or one thousand origami cranes. I'm doing this with flyers which I get  along with the newspaper each morning, movie theaters and I really get lucky when a stack gets left at the reception of our apartment building.
Using the flyers is an attempt to recycle material. In Japan you get a senbazuru kit which includes a thousand pieces of paper, string and beads.
From the rectangular flyers I get a square piece of paper to make my crane and what's left over is another smaller rectangle of paper which I disposed off in the recycle bin.

A couple of weeks back I got lucky with a big stack of flyers which took my count of folded cranes well past hundred. The large stack of flyers left me with a impressive quantity of the smaller rectangles of paper. It then struck me to challenge the recycling idea and find ways to use all of the flyer to create something pretty or useful.
Staying with origami I decided to learn how to make different types of modular origami stars. my inspiration - Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket , save it for a rainy day. 
Here's what I've learnt to fold to date ( in descending order) - the transforming ninja star, origami star 'tico'origami spinning star,  the fourth one is also the origami star tico with sixteen points which looks different when flipped over.   

In the picture above the star with eight points is a variation of the origami star tico.
Non of these require glue and are simple to fold and create.

Do you have a recycling story to share? Do tell, I'm interested.
Now back on the road to discovery and snagging more stars. There will be a sequel or two to come.

Have a good week.