Thursday, 22 December 2016

2016 - Week 51 - December 12 - December 18

I started colouring in
The modern Christmas tree  at Welaro. All the kusudama made while visiting my parents have become the ornaments on the tree.
I had my birthday this week. The waiter arrived with this cake and candle at the end of the meal. A wonderful surprise. Thanks to hubby dearest and the restaurant didn't charge us for the meal. That was a wonderful surprise for both of us.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

2016 - Week 50 - December 5 - December 11

My mum's page in the colouring book - Escape to Wonderland - A Colouring-book Adventure.
The page my dad's begun to colour. I have a copy of the same book which I shall start colouring now that the Christmas ornaments are done and despatched.

We drove to Chennai for a meeting on Monday and to spend a day with family. On Sunday 4th December it was announced that  Jayalalitha had suffered a cardiac arrest. So our meeting was cancelled as the worst was expected.
Stocked up on essentials and as expected her demise was announced close to midnight on the 5th. Tuesday her funeral was held at 4.30pm and there was no untoward incident.The end of an era.
 Rusty the new addition to Bethsara, keeps my mum and dad company on the verandah. my dad's new best friend.
Thanks to demonetisation we could pay all the tolls with our debit card, at all the toll booths from Coimbatore to Chennai.  

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

2016 - Week 49 - November 28 - December 4

A month of tireless crossing stitches and the twenty one Christmas ornaments are ready. So satisfying.Mission accomplished. It's been dispatched to Hong Kong, hope it's there in time for the little ones as the term comes to an end.

Friday, 2 December 2016

2016 - Week 48 - November 21 - November 27

 We went up to Ooty on Friday. WE had been invited to lunch at the Ooty Club by friends. Some great Bloody Mary's and a grat lunch to follow.
 An old map of Ooty and Coonoor.
Ooty club is the place where the game of Snooker was invented and this picture above is of the children's dining room. The charming mural on the wall was painted by a friend and fellow NIDian Prashant Miranda.

Bought herbs and succulents from the Blue Mountain Nursery , fresh vegetables being sold on the roadside and had dinner at Junior Kuppana before coming home late at night.