Friday, 29 April 2016

2016 - Week 17 - April 18 - April 24

Puppy to thinks it's a very hot summer this year.
And then this beauty blooms.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

2016 - Week 16 - April 11 - April 17

 For Daily Dump's 10th anniversary celebrations I was invited to do a workshop on recycling material. We recycled old magazines and made stars, flowers and cubes.
An absolute treat to meet and teach such a diverse group of people.
 A friend gives me a pattern making class so I can start hand sewing my clothes. Thank you Kavita, you make it sound so simple.
An awesome reunion of boarding school buddies. Laughter, Coorg pandi curry and other coorg delicacies, apricot brandy, recipes and a icing class thrown in. Next reunion 2018.  

2016 - Week 15 - April 4 - April 10

First thunderstorm this year. The lightning started a forest fire which thankfully was put out by the rain. The rain was so welcome. It's cooled things down.
No power all night but it came back on the next morning. What a relief because we had guests.
The sun rising the morning after the storm.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

2016 - Week 14 - March 28 - April 3

 Making pink Hibiscus juice. A small magic trick.
In hot water dip the hibiscus flower. The red hibiscus loses all it's colour. You can see the two flowers devoid of colour on the little tray. The glass of hot water is clear and transparent.
Stir in some lime juice and hey presto the water in the glass turns pink.
My mum's bit of culinary magic which delighted my nephews and me.  
A family dinner to celebrate the wonderful progress Studius is making.
Driving home on roads strewn with the jacaranda petals. What a wonderful sight to see the mountain slopes dotted with Jacaranda and to drive along roads shaded with Jacaranda trees in full bloom.

2016 - Week 13 - March 21 - March 27

One evening this beautiful Emerald dove flew straight into a large arched window and fell down dead. It happened right before my eyes. 
Death was instantaneous, thankfully. It's the first time I've seen this gorgeous dove, wish it were under different circumstances.