Sunday, 20 September 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 2015 - Metallic Gold

It's time for Roy once again and metallic gold it is. 
 Wrappers of butter toffee and the first lily to bloom in the garden. Unfortunately it got blown off its stem by the strong wind blowing one night.
Five rupee coins  glinting gold in the change bowl.

I'm late posting this month but the date just sneaked up on me.

To view more metallic gold finds visit Julie and Jennifer's blogs. In fact Jennifer will be updating the list of participants this month.
Where did eight months of this year go? Time seems to gather momentum as the year progresses and by September it's like a run away train. Whew!

January 15 - Red
February 19 - Orange
March 19 - Yellow
April 16 - Green
May 21 - Blue
June 18 - Indigo
July -16 - Violet
August 20 - Brown
September 17 - Gold
October 15 - Grey
November 19 - Pink
December 17 - Blogger's choice. 

So we're looking at grey next month and then there's just Pink and Blogger's choice.

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