Thursday, 20 August 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 2015 - Brown

This month it's brown we're looking for and there's no dearth of it in my surroundings. Here's a selection of things which have been keeping me on my toes.
Trying to understand the secret lives of bees. The Queen bee surrounded by her courtiers. Our first attempt at bee keeping.   
Early morning visitors - Gaur or Bison, wandering through the pruned tea bushes.
White tea brewed from tea leaves plucked from the tea bushes before they were pruned.
 Rusty metal bits.
Julie and Jennifer are coordinating Roy G Biv and they list the participants each month on their blogs.
Gold is the colour we're going to be in search of in the month of September.Time just seems to fly.
January 15 - Red
February 19 - Orange
March 19 - Yellow
April 16 - Green
May 21 - Blue
June 18 - Indigo
July -16 - Violet
August 20 - Brown
September 17 - Gold
October 15 - Grey
November 19 - Pink
December 17 - Blogger's choice.

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