Thursday, 21 May 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 2015 - Blue

Time for Roy G Biv this month has rolled around.
I've had to dive into my archives for some pictures and others were snapped with my phone in the last couple of days.
On the highway between Bangalore and Mysore which we travelled on frequently in the past three years.Small trucks transporting cows was a common sight.

Men drinking tea and reading the newspaper early in the morning at a small tea stall somewhere on the Bangalore Mysore highway.I took this picture for the moulded plastic chairs. These inexpensive, easy to maintain, stackable chairs are everywhere, I'm taking pictures of these chairs inorder to document the varied environments these chairs are found in. 
Flaking wall painted with the address of a store. 
Blue window frames of a building I pass on the road home.

Julie and Jennifer are curating the blog hop. Visit their blogs to discover all the blues people participating have found this month. 
We'll be looking for Indigo next month. Here's the list of colours we'll be looking for in the months to come.

January 15 - Red
February 19 - Orange
March 19 - Yellow
April 16 - Green
May 21 - Blue
June 18 - Indigo
July -16 - Violet
August 20 - Brown
September 17 - Gold
October 15 - Grey
November 19 - Pink
December 17 - Blogger's choice.

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