Sunday, 13 July 2014

Noodle Carts of Vijayawada

Carts selling spicy Indian Chinese food are a common sight on the streets of Vijayawada. Vegetable and chicken fried rice, noodles and the much loved manchuri are on offer. 

A noodle cart doing brisk business at a busy intersection in Vijayawada. 

Jai Hanuman noodle cart.
Chinese man teaching dragons table manners? on the front of Jai Hanuman noodle cart. The dragon holding up a dried branch is my favourite.There's a different scene painted on each cart. 
The B. Joshua noodle cart has a couple of Chinese men feeding their pet dragon/dinosaur noodles.
I can't read Telegu and initially thought the number 36 was the price of a plate of noodles but discovered later it was an identification number along with the address.
Arisitc interpretations of the dragon. The dragon on the Jai Hanuman noodle cart (L) and the dragon on B. Joshua noodle cart (R).
The B. Joshua noodle cart (above) and most other noodle carts open for business by five in the evening.They arrive with boiled noodles and chicken, chopped cabbage,carrot and other assorted vegetables along with trays of eggs. A gas cylinder and stove, a large iron wok and bottles of soya sauce, chilli sauce and tomato ketchup and you're ready to do business.
 Every street corner has a noodle cart doing brisk business. They come equipped with a couple of plastic stools for patrons to sit on and enjoy their Chinese meal or you can get your order packed to take away.

I'd love to meet the artists who paint these dragons and try to discover where they derive the images which decorate these noodle carts.
Have you come across such wacky wonderful pieces of popular art on the streets of your neighbourhood? I love to hear about them and perhaps get to see them at some point in time.

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Eco Mom said...

Loving the dragons! What a novel concept - and very interesting interpretations of dragons! The Vijayawada that I used to know many years back has changed a bit. This makes me want to go back and explore it all over again!

Praveen said...

Near to new bridge dmart near they will make this type of carts