Friday, 17 April 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 2015 - Green

I'm late posting pictures for Roy this month.
Julie's reminder on Wednesday had me scrambling to see what I had.
Packing up and relocating lock stock and barrel means we've been eating out quite a bit and I've discovered a fair amount of green in the gallery on my phone.
So what do I have.  

 Great pizza place Onesta, which recently opened in the neighbourhood which I am going to miss
 I ordered the thin crust pesto and prawn pizza.
 Dahi vada garnished with curry leaves and coriander. Perfect for the hot summer.
 Some green in the menu at Cafe Terra.
My order of spinach, corn and cheese sandwich.

Join in the fun. The list below gives you the date when you need to post upto five photographs.
Julie and Jennifer are curating the blog hop.

January 15 - Red
February 19 - Orange
March 19 - Yellow
April 16 - Green
May 21 - Blue
June 18 - Indigo
July -16 - Violet
August 20 - Brown
September 17 - Gold
October 15 - Grey
November 19 - Pink
December 17 - Blogger's choice.

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Charlton Stitcher said...

So luscious! That menu is especially enticing with its splashes of green. Food sure is international ... so much looks familiar here!

maya matthew said...

India has so many regional cuisines but we're a foodie nation and we enjoy cuisines from other parts of the world.
Especially in a city you're bound to find a number of familiar dishes listed on the menu.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The prawn pizza is calling out to me...such clever examples of green...thank you!