Thursday, 15 October 2015

Serching for Roy G Biv 2015 - Grey

The colour Grey has been assigned for October and here's what I found.
This one is from my archives. A pigeon feather suspended in mid air. The feather got caught in a spider web and stayed suspended for a couple of weeks. In Bangalore there were many pigeons who had made the apartment building their home and I used to collect the pigeon feathers on my morning walks.
 Monsoon a fiber book I made earlier this year. Grey wood of the deck and grey shibori applique.

Grey granite paving stones edged with white river pebbles. This is in the driveway of a restaurant.
Metal dies in the second hand shop.
A stack of circular brushes for some industrial use.

There's just two months left this year. November and December.
To view the greys other participants of Roy have discovered this month, visit Julie and Jennifer's blogs.
See you next month with a selection of pinks.

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Arzigogolare said...

I love all of the different materials/patterns/textures you've captured here, Maya...such a diversity of grays!

Charlton Stitcher said...

I really enjoyed these, Maya - and especially the contrast between the delicate feather in the first photo and the metal dies and circular brushes in the last two. Grey has (surprisingly) so much potential!

maya matthew said...

Lisa and Margaret thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Margaret you're right grey has immense potential I hadn't realised.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Maya, you have such a wide variety of objects here, from delicate to industrial metals... it seems everyone has a large selction of very different things this time... beautiful!

PGFiber2Art said...

You have found some great examples of grey, I am glad you shared them with us. I really love the dies.