Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2016 - Week 1 - January 1-3

Having moved to a little town, high up in the Western Ghats, I've decided to post a couple of pictures taken with my phone each week to document 2016.

Pictures of the environment around Welaro , the weather, changing seasons, the flora and fauna, food, the odd recipe and my work are things which will get featured.

I hope you'll visit each week.

 The Tupperware Steam It is a new addition to my kitchen. Nendran bananas and hard boiled eggs for breakfast in five minutes.
 Pepper and Socks are new residents at Welaro. A cosy spot for a nap atop a pair of gloves and a hat.


Charlton Stitcher said...

How endearing those kittens are. Speaking from the UK, your life is full of the most amazing contrasts - tiny fluffy kittens asleep on a hat and elephants being transported by truck - amazing.

maya matthew said...

Yes indeed. In hundred kilometers you can find yourself in a totally different environment - the language,the landscape, the vegetation and the culture. Quite amazing.
Thank you for noticing it and expressing it with your comment, we are no longer observant of these dramatic changes.