Monday, 7 March 2016

2016 - Week 10 - February 29 - March 6

It's been a peaceful week. A lot of time spent observing Pepper and Socks.                                                                                                       
They snuggle together and sleep entwined like Yin and Yang my mum calls them.


Marta Brysha said...

Hi Maya,
didn't realise you had a blog other than Million LIttle Stitches, until now. Your pusses are absolutely gorgeous. The second photo in particular is just the cutest thing. I love the way that the cat on top seems to literally be loving the cat on the bottom to death, which he (she?) seems to have no problem with.

maya matthew said...

Well Marta, I started this one for all the non-textile things I found interesting. This year I decided I would try and use the blog to maintain a weekly photo blog.
The little kitty cats are such sweethearts and smother each other with.They are sisters, absolutely inseparable with very different personalities. It's a pleasure getting to know them.